The School for Advanced Studies in Crystallization and Crystallography for Latin America (ECRISLA) is an event aimed at graduate students and researchers from universities and companies in Brazil and other Latin American countries. Both areas of knowledge, Crystallization, and Crystallography, are complementary and have wide applications in several fields of knowledge, such as pharmaceutical sciences, physics, chemistry, and materials engineering. ECRISLA brings together three UFSC graduate programs: PPG in Pharmacy, PPG in Chemistry and PPG in Physics, aiming to consolidate the teaching of crystallization and crystallography at the Federal University of Santa Catarina and aims to generate the opportunity to understand these pieces of knowledge in an integrated way, in addition to bringing together professors and researchers, renowned specialists at the international level, with students from different levels of education, to generate a space for study, discussion and fellowship on the theme of the event.

It is noteworthy also that key international scientific organizations such as the International Union of Crystallography (IUCR) and the International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) have supported the event, expanding the UFSC’s and Santa Catarina state of visibility. In Brazil, the event is being supported by CAPES, through the School for Advanced Studies, FAPESC and CNPq.